Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Swine Flu Schmine Flu

I might have it. I didn't want to shell out the $100 plus to get the test. I figured, if it is, it is. I can deal. I'm tough. It's the flu, not small pox.

But I'm not tough. Less than twelve hours ago I started feeling coldey and fluey and achey. I'm pretty sure the same Mack truck has been hitting me for the past ten of those twelve. I can't warm up and I can't shake the shakes. Water makes my teeth chatter and juice tastes like tin foil. I'm practically sitting on a space heater and still my hands feel like ice.

I'm leaving work and going home and settling down for some hibernation on my couch. It's covered in dog hair and I don't even care, I just want to snuggle something fleece.

I tried to make bread last night, but it wouldn't rise. My roasting chicken was still frozen. My strawberries destined for freezer jam yummy-ness were moldy. Some sort of cosmic clue, "you're sick, go to bed, don't share your germs."

P.S: I've used up all of my sick days playing hookey. a healthy dose of karma for me i s'pose.


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  1. Thank goodness for your 24 hour W'Mart, at least you can get some kind of remedy that will make you feel as though you are doing something about your flu. This is a very honest blog, it caught my attention. I notice that I am the only commenter so far, I think you deserve a visit from a fellow "slug" (you will see if you come over to "Slug's Rest" for a visit....I too am drawn to double dip on the blogging sometimes....anyway, if you come over, I think I can at least offer you some sick leave entertainment to keep you from getting completely bored. I am at "Adventures of Mr. Slug and Friends." I hope you feel better soon, drink plenty of fluids, but perhaps not coffee!
    Mrs. Slug