Monday, November 9, 2009


Yep, it meaning I, am. It was a rough road traveling down the past five days. But I made it through, albeit a little out of practice at the office (fax machine, what is that?!) and a few dollars shorter on the old paycheck. BTW, I definately resembled Frankenstein's bride on at least 3 of those days.

To those of you who have recently called/emailed/text/left notes on my windshield to let me know you are reading this blog (these folks are my friends and family, please don't call me until we've properly met..) BECOME A FOLLOWER AND COMMENT! It's fun to blog, sitting at my desk hoping my boss won't stroll through the open door and catch me wasting time on the company's clock. But, and I say this with a grateful tone, it's hard to blog if you don't know anyone is reading it. To Mrs. Slug, thanks :) You're a pal and I appreciate your kindly comment. I am proud to report that I had only two cups of house brewed java whilst sicky and I feel much less sicky today because of it. Good advice!

On other fronts, I successfully mastered the art of jam making, both frozen and traditional canning methods. I now have 5 adorable little jars of fresh strawberry jam sitting in my freezer in a perfect little row and 2 rather large (probably too large) jars of gingered peach jam, the exact color of a Crayola Goldenrod crayon, sitting proudly on my pantry rack. Whole wheat and olive oil biscuits (thanks Blogga ;) ) are ready for the bake. Come over, I'll feed you a tasty little bite!

And to reveal what most of you who know me already know, my life is preparing to get a heckofalot more exciting. Marriage?! No. Unplanned baby?! No. Bought a house, paid off a credit card, got a raise??!! No silly, New Moon is out in T Minus 12 days!!! Yes, my adolescent obsession over a vampire love story turned love triangle complete with dreamy boys and werewolves and red contacts, the Twilight Saga (yes, it is a saga.) I am proud to say that 6 tickets to the Friday night showing have been pre-purchased and are at the ready, now I just need to talk the ball and chain into joining (don't let me down Baby!) and 4 other people (strangers maybe? I could hit up the local middle school for new friends..)


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Swine Flu Schmine Flu

I might have it. I didn't want to shell out the $100 plus to get the test. I figured, if it is, it is. I can deal. I'm tough. It's the flu, not small pox.

But I'm not tough. Less than twelve hours ago I started feeling coldey and fluey and achey. I'm pretty sure the same Mack truck has been hitting me for the past ten of those twelve. I can't warm up and I can't shake the shakes. Water makes my teeth chatter and juice tastes like tin foil. I'm practically sitting on a space heater and still my hands feel like ice.

I'm leaving work and going home and settling down for some hibernation on my couch. It's covered in dog hair and I don't even care, I just want to snuggle something fleece.

I tried to make bread last night, but it wouldn't rise. My roasting chicken was still frozen. My strawberries destined for freezer jam yummy-ness were moldy. Some sort of cosmic clue, "you're sick, go to bed, don't share your germs."

P.S: I've used up all of my sick days playing hookey. a healthy dose of karma for me i s'pose.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day One: Post Two

I started this blog during my lunch break. Now it's almost time to go home, no blog visitors yet. But I'm doing it. I'm breaking the cardinal rule of blogging and going in for a double dip.

... by the way, I don't know if that really is the "cardinal rule of blogging", I probably made that up...

I'm making food tonight, lots of food.

1) A herb and butter basted roast chicken
2) Nectarine-strawberry freezer jam
3) Bread, plain old white bread.

Sadly, I probably won't get to eat any of that this evening, because my 'partner in sin' just text me this: "I have swine flu. they gave me a test. its swine flu. see you @ home :("

I'll be too busy to eat my perfect toast and jam. I'll be elbow deep in Clorox disinfecting wipes and Kleenex. But I'll take it to work tomorrow, that'll be good...


now i have the sugar shakes

I can't stop drinking coffee. No matter how industrial it tastes (at the office), no matter expensive it is (from a green-roofed drive thru), no matter how jittery and buzzy it makes me feel (3 PM double Americano, lots of room please). Why can't I stop? Why can't I drink some sort of White-Green-Oolong-Peach Infused-Health Infused Tea? Why can't I just drink a damn glass of water?

Because I like coffee. It smells good and it makes me feel awake and it gives me an excuse to step away from my desk and my computer and my constantly ringing phone.

P.S: This is not a coffee bashing blog. I'm just mad that I can't stop drinking $6 per cup jet fuel.

P.P.S: I ate a King Size Snicker bar today and washed it down with a "zero calorie pomegranate-black cherry enhanced water beverage". Balanced meal, eh?